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References. List of jobs undertaken: 2011 (59)
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CodeProject TitleClientStartEnd
P1017 Preparation of a report on the technical documentation review related to the project on the Tlemcen - Akkid Abbas section of the Qued Tlélat - Moroccan Border High-speed Rail line.FCC CONSTRUCCION, S.A. 26/10/2011 31/10/2011
P1012 Technical Assistance in the review of agreements and representations of the agency in meetings within the framework of performance to be conducted in the project on the Chiclana-San Fernando Tramway.TELVENT TRÁFICO Y TRANSPORTE, S.A. 01/09/2011 30/11/2011
P1006 Technical Assistance for the drafting of Additional Project #3 on the channelling and distribution of rail installations around Mercat Nou station on Line 1 of the FMB. Key: TM-04368-C3.GISA - INFRAESTRUCTURES DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA, S.A.U. 26/09/2011 31/10/2011
P1005 Consultancy and feasibility study on the transportation of minerals by rail between Sotiel and Aguas Teñidas, Huelva.MINAS DE AGUAS TEÑIDAS SAU (MATSA) 25/08/2011 19/10/2011
P1004 Technical Assistance and Consultancy in Telecommunications, SCADA and AFC sectors (Marmaray Project, Turkey) during meetings with DLHDIMETRONIC, S.A. 19/08/2011 23/08/2011
P1003 Study and simulation of station evacuation for the Modernisation Project on the CR-3 Marmaray suburban rail line, Turkey.OHL (OBRASCÓN HUARTE LAIN, S.A.) 19/08/2011 31/08/2011
P1002 Carrying out of Signalling, Telecommunications and Power Supply Measurements; and Explanatory Technical Report for the Bid of the project "Rehabilitation and Signalisation of Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Railway Line, Turkey"DIMETRONIC, S.A. 18/08/2011 30/08/2011
P1001 Agreement for the preparation of technical documents for the Ottawa Light Rail Network Bid Project (LRT).ACS INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT, INC 11/08/2011 17/08/2011
P1000 A study of the drainage of the Girona High-Speed tunnels located between KP300+600 and KP303+640, and of the Girona intermodal High-Speed railway station, on the Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French Border High-Speed rail corridor.UTE AVE GIRONA 01/08/2011 15/08/2011
P999 Facility optimisation study of the Detailed Design for the Girona intermodal station on the Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French Border High-speed rail line.UTE AVE GIRONA 01/08/2011 22/08/2011
P998 Consultancy work regarding rolling stock and infrastructure issues for the methodology and evaluation contract for railway freight lines in Peru.LIBRA 01/08/2011 01/11/2011
P997 Collaboration in the preparation of RAMS documents for the bid and Detailed Designs for the Madrid - Galicia High-speed railway line electrification: Section: Olmedo - Orense.ELECTREN S.A. 02/08/2011 08/09/2011
P995 Conceptual design of the ventilation system for the TR-Istambul: Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Cekmeköy construction tender.DIMETRONIC, S.A. 20/07/2011 01/08/2011
P994 Technical Lead in the preparation of Bid documents for the project drafting, works execution, and maintenance of traffic control, telecommunication, and civil protection installations on the Olmedo - Orense railway line section.BOMBARDIER EUROPEAN INVESTMENTS, SLU 22/07/2011 10/09/2011
P993 Technical assistance for the analysis of the scope and responsibility in tasks executed in tramway project.Particular 20/07/2011 05/08/2011
P992 Design of the internal installations and the necesssary adaptations to carry out refurbishment works on the company's CCP to increase its operating capacity to metro, tram, bus (BRT) and other transport modes that could be centrally controlled.TRANSPORTE MASIVO DEL VALLE DE ABURRA LIMITADA 30/07/2011 30/12/2011
P991 Preparation of a track superstructure maintenance report for the track assembly and maintenance tender project of the Madrid-Galicia High-speed rail line. Section: Olmedo-Lubián-Ourense-Santiago.UTE GUINOVART-COMSA-FCC-ACCIIONA-COPASA 13/07/2011 13/08/2011
P988 Project drafting for the modification of the signalling and communications installations on the Albacete-La Encina section of the Madrid-Alicante standard gauge railway line. Order No. p138915 in accordance with offer OF-626.BOMBARDIER EUROPEAN INVESTMENTS, SLU 07/06/2011 07/07/2011
P987A Revitalisation and modernisation of the " Koscierski rail corridor " section: KOSCIERZYNA - GDYNIA, Line 201 – Phase I.FCC 13/06/2011 11/07/2011
P987B Design and works for the Luków Control Centre; complete renovation of the stations in Siedlce, Luków and Miedzyrzec Podlaski; and renovation of the signalling and telecommunications on intermediate track stretches, within the framework of Line E20/CE20, SFCC 01/08/2011 02/09/2011